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The Coyote Light is an innovative hunting light developed by predator hunters enthusiast for predator hunting enthusiast. This remarkable hunting light features the highest performing red LED lighting technology in a sleek matte black design. The CoyoteLight is designed to easily scope mount or to be handheld. The Coyote Light has extremely long lasting battery life and is light weight.


  • Adjustable Focus - With Coyote Light's variable focus, the Coyote Light can be adjusted to be a wide or tight (long range) light beam for the desired distance of each hunting landscape
  • Adjustable Brightness - The brightness is fully controlled from zero to 100% power with an adjustment knob on the back of the light.  Scan on a lower power for the reflection of eyes and then turn the light up on full power for shooting.
  • Light Dimmer - For light-shy game, dim the light just enough to see the reflection of the animals eyes. This enables you to keep the animal in the center of the scope. Remember that when scanning with the Coyote Light for game, full light intensity is rarely needed. Turn the Coyote Light intensity up only to identify your target and to shoot. Your objective is to locate eyes which can be achieved at a very low power and maximizes battery life
  • Long Battery Life - unique patent pending integrated circuit which runs on built-in (accessable) high performance lithium ion batteries.  The Light will run up to 5.5 hours on full power and up to 48 hours at about 25% power. Replacement / spare battery pack, if desired is availble ($29.95) from manufacturer and replaceable by the customer.
  • Low Battery Indicator - The low battery indicator will illuminate red and warn you when the batteries are getting low
  • LI-Ion Battery Charge Jack- It has a built-in Lithium Ion battery pack (accessable). Partial discharge is safe, and there is no battery memory. The battery pack does not need periodic full discharge cycles and can be charged at any time. If batteries are completely discharged, the maximum charge time is about 6 hours with the included wall charger.  A/C wall adapor charger is included and features "RED" charging and "GREEN" charged indicator
  • Scope Mount - Includes scope mount hardware (for 1 inch dia. scope tubes).  The light is designed to be installed even with the front of your rifle scope to keep all light spill off your gun. It is usually best to attach the Coyote Light vertical above the scope. However, the Coyote Light can also be mounted on a 45 degree or 90 degree angle to avoid scope turrets. We recommend using high scope rings for clearance on large objective scopes or high scope turrets
  • External Dimmer Jack- Secure the 3.5mm plug on the external dimmer control into the 3.5mm jack on the back of the Coyote Light. The external dimmer will control of the dimming function. When the external dimmer is installed it disables the main dimmer light mounted control. The external dimmer does not turn the Coyote Light on or off. The on/off switch main dimmer control is the only way to turn the Coyote Light on and off
  • Rugged, yet Lightweight - The housing is made from precision machined high grade 6061 aluminum, yet only weights 1.2 pounds
  • Red LED Emitter - Rated at 65,000 hours of use
  • Range - Up to 500* yards under ideal conditions.  *Ambient light (moon phase), scope quality & power setting, background foliage, rain, snow, and size and color of target species will all affect range. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty - Every Coyote Light comes with a one-year manufacturer limited warranty